31 Oct 2018 - 1 Nov 2018 | İzmit, Turkey
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31 Oct 2018 - 1 Nov 2018
İzmit, Turkey
Match4Industry Business Matchmaking Event

ABIGEM East Marmara

East Marmara EU Business Centre (ABİGEM DM) was established in compliance with EU MEDA program to assist SMEs in the region to penetrate more easily into international markets. ABİGEM DM, serves SMEs by assisting them construct better managerial and technical infrastructure and has the further objective of improving the performance of SMEs in Turkey, in particular by enhancing their competitiveness and international networking activities. The ownership structure of ABİGEM DM includes regional and national influential business players including Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Sakarya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Düzce Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Yalova Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Bolu Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Gebze Organized Industrial Zone Technology Park. 

Being partner of Europe Enterprise Network, ABİGEM DM provides training programs under the tittles of R&D, 7th Framework , EU Funded Projects and advisory services on R&D, Technology audit, Technology transfer, 7th Framework Programs etc. ABİGEM DM also provides assistance for international business development of SMEs in the region. 

ABİGEM DM has been official partner of b2fair Organisation, that was established under EU Funded project, since 2004 and under this partnership organised several matchmaking events in Germany, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, France, Morocco and Turkey. In 2012, East Marmara ABİGEM in close cooperation with Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce organised the first edition of Match4Industry Business Matching event in TOSB Automotive Industrial Park in Kocaeli, Turkey. 65 companies participated in the event and 95 bilateral meeting realised during the event. 

ABİGEM DM is also one of the event organisers on another EU Funded project named “STOP4 Business” and in May 2010 successfully implemented a matchmaking event in connection with TurkeyBuild 2010 in İstanbul, where 84 companies took part in 442 meetings. Main focus of the matchmaking event was sustainable construction. 

With its contacts in Luxembourg, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Hungary and Spain, ABİGEM DM has been supporting SMEs to conduct approximately 5500 bilateral meetings since 2005. 

ABİGEM DM has 10 fulltime staff who previously worked for EU Funded projects. 50 experts that work project basis are also placed in ABİGEM DM expert pool.

Kocaeli Chamber of Industry

The Kocaeli Chamber of Industry was established on 22th of June in 1989 as Turkey’s 11th Chamber of Industry.

Then, as now, it was mandated to look after the common needs of its membership. Today with a staff of 38 people the Chamber serves some 2,500 members from its headquarters and four branch offices around the province.

Besides the services demanded by law such as, but not limited to ; national and international projects, training events and consultancies, trade fairs, exhibitions, associates, match making programs  etc, the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry also develops and supports many social and cultural activities.

Its geographical extent lies within the borders of Kocaeli Province and includes the districts of Izmit, Basiskele, Cayirova, Darica, Derince, Dilovasi, Gebze, Golcuk, Kandira, Karamursel, Kartepe and Korfez.


Closed since 31 October 2018


İzmit, Turkey

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Participants 227
Meetings 452


Belarus 2
Bosnia And Herzegovina 53
Croatia 3
France 1
Iraq 1
Kosovo 6
Lithuania 1
North Macedonia 10
Malta 3
Mongolia 1
Montenegro 1
Russia 7
Serbia 1
Slovenia 1
Spain 1
Tunisia 4
Turkey 130
United Kingdom 1
Total 227


Company 198
University 1
R&D Institution 7
Association/Agency 15
Authority/Government 3
Other 3
Total 227